The Nigerian youths are advised to shine their shines this time around, seriously talking about 2019. Have you noticed the gathering of the vultures recently in our national life?

Three events need to be brought back to our consciousness, one was the wedding of IBB’s daughter and the guests, the second event was the launch of the book of Dino Melaye and the guests who were there, and the third event/matter was the warning handed down by the Chief of Army Staff to men in uniform that they should avoid politics and politicking.

What do you make out of all these? Are they related or coincidental? The witch cried in the night and the baby died in the morning, who killed the baby? Do not give me an answer, just think. Just think!

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The elites are gathering to take over our country once again while youths of Nigeria are snoring heavily. Youths of Nigeria wake up from your slumber. They use religion and ethnicity to keep us in slavery but did you notice that in the first and two events mentioned above, they were adequately represented religiously and tribally. Those sentiments they use in dividing us can never be present when they gather to share Nigeria and her resources.

Where and when shall the Youth of Nigeria begin to gather to plot against the hostage taking of Nigeria in 2019? Who shall call the first meeting of like minds? You or me?


  1. Thank you sir for this eye opener, and warning note on sleeping Giants called Nigerian Youth.

    Sir, currently I am among the youth looking for way out for the next generation, am in a youth organization seeking way to correct or if not resest the mind set of Nigerian youth. But we can’t do this alone without the help of someone like you.
    Sir if possible, I will like to meet you and bring the team I belong to get more understanding of what we need to do.
    Thanks sir.


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