Ace Lawyer and the founder of Onyekachi Ubani Foundation, Mr. Monday Onyekachi Ubani has shown displeasure on the way and manners Nigerians are going about on the issue of the president’s health .

The Lawyer pointed out that “health of President Muhammadu Buhari has become topical and is occupying due prominence all over the media, both mainstream and social media. While some analyze the issue of his health objectively, some engage in expressing sentiment, sometimes laced with hatred. Imagine someone wishing that his President be dead! Haba!”

He asked if we have suddenly lost our humanity due to political or tribal differences?

He stated that ” the fact of the situation is that the health of the President, Vice President, Governor and Deputy Governor is covered under the 1999 Constitution as Amended. The institutions that could orchestrate the removal of the president or his vice when they are sick with a debilitating ailment are duly provided for under the constitution.”
“It is another matter entirely if the argument is that the provisions of the constitution is not enough or far reaching enough especially on certain situations that create helpless result, but for now that is the LAW of the land. For the President and his Vice,” he stated.

Monday Esq, also made reference to Section 144 of the 1999 Constitution as amended, which provides “the process of removal of both parties. “It is 2/3 majority members of the Federal Executive Council that can pass a resolution on the grounds that either of them are unable to carry out their duties as prescribed by the constitution. After the Resolution is verified, the Senate President will constitute a five-man panel of renowned Medical Doctors one of which is the personal physician of the party affected.

If the panel turns in a medical report to the Senate President and the Speaker affirming the permanent incapacity either of the body or mind of either of the parties, the Senate President and Speaker shall sign a notice and publish same in an official gazette and it is at that point that the President or his Vice ceases to hold office,” Mr. Ubani added

“These steps as prescribed are clear and unambiguous and must be taken religiously to remove an ailing President or his Vice except the President or his vice resigns voluntarily when they are under a very debilitating sickness that makes it impossible for them to function in their offices.”

He said ” the only lacuna in this provision is the absence of a timeline within which the president’s sickness or that of his vice should attract the activation of the removal process, that is clearly missing and has created a very big burden for the State in a situation where the President or his vice is You really sick and the institutions are weak to activate their removal process.”


“From information available to us as citizens, can it be said that the President has manifested incapacity to continue his official functions? Will it be possible for a panel of doctors to confirm PERMANENT INFIRMITY OF MIND AND/OR BODY OF THE CURRENT PRESIDENT? Are Nigerians entitled to know the nature of the sickness of Mr President from official source? Are they very uncharitable when they demand to know of the state of health of Mr President?

Honestly ,my main prayer is for Mr President to recover fully from this ailment and get back to work and fulfill all the promises he made to Nigerians while running for the Presidency. May God hear my prayer and prayers of millions of Nigerians praying fervently for the quick recovery of our dear President,” he said

Source: NigerianLawyerMagazine.


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