NIGERIA to some of us has become the “theatre of the absurd”. How do you explain certain things that happen here for which you can’t make any sense out of it.

Take for instance the several billions of Naira (in different currencies) discovered recently in someone’s house in Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

The rumor had it that the large sums of money belongs to former PDP Chairman, Muazu who has denied ownership, the second accused, retired NNPC staff Mrs Nnamdi-Ogbue has also denied ownership.

The Current Minister of Transportation Mr Amaechi linked with ownership of the money has also denied vehemently the ownership of the large sums of money.

Who owns it? Suddenly, the story changed, that an Intelligence arm of the government, NIA has come forward to claim ownership of the money. If some of the things we read in social media are correct, these are some of their claims:

(a) That the money was approved for them by the previous government.

(b) That the money is meant for covert operation.

(c) That efcc is embarrassing them ( a sister agency) by seizing the money that naturally belongs to them.

I pose these innocent questions:

(1) Is the house where the money was found, the office of NIA?
(2) Who is the true owner of that house where the money was discovered?

(3) If it was money approved by the previous government, why was it not spent for the purpose approved,and why was it not returned to the treasury if not spent?

(4) Why is government money not in the bank but in a private home? Is government not in breach of its anti-laundering law by keeping such large sums in the house?

(5) How long has that money being kept there or was it not brought there recently that attracted the attention of the diligent whistle blower?
(6) And so many questions(you can ask your own). I hope the hardworking and diligent whistle blower will get at least 2.5 per cent of his fees for a laborer is worthy of his or her wages.

Talk your own or ask your own question over this mind boggling issue. Nigeria don tire me, no be small thing o! One thing is clear though that President Buhari should not mishandle this issue, it can stain him badly!



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