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A former Vice President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Monday Ubani, has blamed the flawed system of South Africa’s legal structure for the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other African migrants in that country.

Speaking with SaharaReporters on Friday, Ubani said that the South African Government had no reason to use the allegation of Nigerians being criminals and drug dealers as cover for the attacks.

He said, “You are relying on the failure of your system to punish people by killing them illegally.

“Whereas your legal system could have gotten those who are guilty, who are liable, to be arrested and prosecuted.

“It is a failure of the system if you say Nigerians are guilty, are criminals and drug dealers.

“I see no reason why the South African Government should advance that kind of reason.

“The system is supposed to be able to get those who are criminals arrested and prosecuted.”

Speaking further, Ubani described calls by members of the ruling All Progressive Congress for the Nigerian Government to take over South African businesses as an extreme measure.

He added, “That can only be done by the military, not under civilian rule.

“There are terms and conditions under which people come to invest in your country.

“You cannot set aside all those and begin to acquire other peoples’ businesses contrary to international best practice.

“We have to be careful not to do the same things we are accusing them of by engaging in retaliatory attacks on their businesses here.

“Most of the businesses are run by Nigerians even though South Africans have some level of shares in them.

“We are all angry but should have a limit to our anger, so that they don’t begin to see us as barbarians.”


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