This is not the first time Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe would ask President Muhammed Buhari to resign for lack of competence and ability to address some of the national malaise that is plaguing Nigeria. My worry with his call is this fact that he knows and verily believes that President Muhammed Buhari will not heed his call to resign but he is always asking the impossible to be done. Is Senator Abaribe not aware that the presidency will likely engage in counter attack and name calling which is actually what has just happened. You may want to know why the Minority Leader will cherish to engage in demanding the impossibility knowing fully well that his action will be viewed as shadow chasing or playing to the gallery? If you see him please ask the Distinguished Senator “but why”?.
Those who know this government very well were not disappointed as the Media Advisers have naturally reacted and as expected have engaged in personal attack on the person of the Senator rather than address the issues raised by the Abia Senator and at the House of Representatives chambers some hours ago about the spate of insecurity in the country.
Senator Abaribe is well advised to device a more appropriate reaction to the issues at hand and proffer a more practical solution to solving and resolving the issues at stake in Nigeria at all times at the hallowed Chambers. Let him stop dreaming of seeing President Muhammed Buhari resign from the office of the presidency, IT WON’T HAPPEN AND CAN NEVER HAPPEN EXCEPT BY DIVINE INTERVENTION.
On the other hand the government of President Buhari is well advised to be responsible enough to appreciate the magnitude of the problem in the land. MR PRESIDENT, NIGERIA IS NOT SAFE, lives and properties are wasted daily by criminals of all shades and colors. Mr President these criminals have several baptismal names as Herdsmen, bandits, terrorists, insurgents, kidnappers, armed robbers, gun men, vandals etc. They are making lives of citizens miserable and Nigerians travel, sleep and move with “RED ALERT”. Mr President do not allow your sycophantic aides to deceive you by issuing rebuttals that are laced with personal attacks on those that tell them the gospel truth. NIGERIA AND NIGERIANS NEED SECURITY OF THEIR LIVES AND PROPERTIES. MR President wake up and secure NIGERIA WITH YOUR SECURITY CHIEFS, for life in Nigeria has become nasty, brutish and short – we are back to Hobbesian days! PLEASE PROTECT US MR PRESIDENT.


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