His philanthropic gesture also cut across the health sector as he has on many occasions footed the hospital bills of indigent patients as well as bearing the cost of patients that underwent eye surgery

By Sam Ogbonna

Sometimes it is difficult to think of a better way to present the milestone of men of exceptional nature. By experience, most biographies are better read than told otherwise the condiments in their catalogue may easily escape the mind.

Apart from his professional terrain where he has displayed much prowess and shown competence, his contributions to humanity marks him out as the hand that props his community.

Dr. Monday Onyekachi Ubani is a man of intergrity, high ambition and intellect; whose creative ideas and aggression towards community development has interference in the man of his people he is known for.

He has much delight in sincere initiatives capable of bringing development to his community, Awomukwu, Ikwuano, Abia State and Nigeria at large.

Ubani is one man that has not allowed his professional activities to deny him the natural tendency to contribute in rural development.

Dr. Ubani has through Onyekachi Ubani Foundation (OUF) donated generously towards the development of his hometown, Awomukwu and beyond in the areas of namely but not limited to the following: Education, Infrastructure, youth empowerement, Sports and security.

On Education, his commitment is traceable to the release of fund for the registration and approval of Awomukwu High school (AHS) for writing WAEC and NECO examinations.

At various times, he has (in collaboration with other education friendly sons and daughters of Awomukwu) helped indigent final year secondary school students to register for their certificate examinations.

At the tertiary level, many professional course students from different parts of Ikwuano have continued to enjoy his scholarship programs.—-This is one program that has encouraged many intelligent but indigent rural dwellers to pursue their academic dreams.

(During Covid-19 lockdown, Dr. Ubani also shared food items to the three zones that made up Awomukwu)

Infrastructurewise, Dr. Ubani has severally paid counterpart funding on behalf of the community for the building of public structures, including the Awomukwu Civil Center.

He collaborated in providing a demarcated classroom block in Awomukwu High School.

It’s also noteworthy that, Dr. Ubani restored electricity back to Umuosoko village when it was plugged into months darkness, following vandalization of the village transformer by hoodlums.

Last year, Dr. Ubani singlehandedly installed massive solar street light from Umuosoke to Umualo junction in order to lit the streets and make it lively for the rural dwellers.

He has constantly donate money to his Kingsmen for hosting of meetings and for running of errands that concerns the development of the community.

On the angle of youth empowerement, Dr. Ubani has been known to be an inspiration to young people. He has carried out various youth empowerement programs in Awomukwu.

On his quest to improve the living standard of his people, he donated an 18-seater bus to Awomukwu youths via his Foundation

Besides all these, Ubani has been available for everyone in the community, as he continues to support them financially when the need arises.

During this period yearly, Dr. Ubani releases fund known as “seed fund” in honour of his birthday as a way of motivating the young people.

It’s also noteworthy that this year’s seed fund has already been released to Awomukwu youths.

On the area of sports, Dr. Ubani — in conjunction with other illustrous sons and daughters of the community donates money for the hosting of Awomukwu Unity Cup.

It will be recalled that Dr. Ubani, during the handover of the 2020 trophy to title winners, promised to increase his donation for the 2021 edition of the tournament.

His philanthropic gesture also cut across the health sector as he has on many occasions footed the hospital bills of indigent patients as well as bearing the cost of patients that underwent eye surgery.

On security, he contributes his quota to ensure the protection of lives and property of his people.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Ubani is a man with a visible records of achievement both in his profession and community as well.

In religious circle, his Christian Life has inspired a lot of followership for God. He is down to earth and attributes all his achievements to the help of God.

Some of his Sterling qualities include patriotism, astuteness, humane disposition and philanthropy.

Dr. Ubani is a peace lover who derived joy to work in synergy with other well- meaning sons and daughters of Awomukwu in order to solve the problems facing the community.

It is in recognition of his unprecedented contribution in the upliftment of society and humanity that he has been heaped with several awards from local, national and international bodies.

As this welfarist celebrates this year’s birthday on 27th July, 2021, the entire Awomukwu youths, men and women as well as Ikwuano, Abia State, Nigeria and world at large celebrate with you sir.

Keep doing the good work you are doing that has etched you in the sand of time, as we also remind you that whom much is given, much is also expected.

Happy birthday Dr. MOU.


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