Ubani kicks against NASS Invasion by DSS
Monday Ubani
Mr. Monday Ubani, a foremost Right Activist has asked those who earlier justified the invasion of the National Assembly by operatives of the DSS as being legal, to apologize to Nigerians.

Mr. Ubani made this statement on Tuesday while reacting to the sack of the DSS boss by the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo.

According to him, this act of impunity was similarly effected by the previous administration but was outrightly condemned by many. Yet, the same government that was singing the music of ‘change’ is now dancing to the same tone it had earlier condemned.”

While speaking to TheNigerialawyer (TNL), in a chat, he noted that the act of the Vice President has simply redeemed his image as a person and that of the ruling party.

”Now that Prof Yemi Osibanjo, SAN, the Vice President of Nigeria and presently the Acting President, has sacked the DG of DSS, those who supported the illegal invasion of the National Assembly by a government that promised to change the order of doing in Nigeria which most of the times come with impunity, should apologize to most of us, discerning citizens, who saw the invasion as demonstration of frustration, impunity, lawlessness, illegality, banality, irresponsibility and insensitivity.

”This same act was carried out under the previous government which we all condemned, including APC party that was then in opposition. These acts are not good for our reputation as a nation. It sends a wrong signal that we are a lawless nation at a war situation which invariably will discourage investments from local and foreign investors.

”Honestly speaking, while canvassing for this “change” government, I did not bargain for this. However the redemptive act of the Acting President will go a long way to douse tension in the polity and restore some measure of confidence on the vice president himself as a person,”’ he said.

Mr. Ubani also registered his worries over the uncertain state of things in future as days and months go by as there seem to be some forces behind this government which may not mean well for the nation. He nevertheless noted that faith must be kept alive for Nigeria, as the country will survive all evil forces trying to pull her down.


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